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Awards & Recognition

The Person

Dr. Abhilash Modi is an author, a writer, a philanthropist, a humanitarian, a Public Speaking trainer, a life coach, a motivator, a Guinness world record holder and most importantly a teacher that he loves to listen from people as his introduction. He specializes in spiriting and empowering people to realize their true potential.With his Educational start-up TILS, Lacs of individuals have been benefitted and as of now, he has impacted lives of many from his energetic and practical approach of thinking in many seminars, workshops, trainings, social gatherings nationwide. In his young age too, He has been an Inspirational Pathfinder to various high-profile entrepreneurs and professionals as well. He struggled, failed and surged ahead in search of success, happiness and serenity. He too had a bunch of unclear dreams and a blurred vision of his goals in life. All he had was an unending learning attitude to hold on to. Guinness, Limca, Asia, India and many other Book of World Records encrypted Dr. Modi’s name for his several national & world chronicles. He has been conferred with the Global Award for being the youngest English writer. In 2015, Abhilash Modi has been entitled with Honorary Doctorate from U.K. He is the first Indian to initiate "Jeevan Bachao Abhiyan" and making people aware about Suicide and Homicide related problems.He has only one motive to BRIDGE THE GAP between Job Seekers and Job Creators by strengthening individuals Public Speaking, Critical Thinking & Decision Making Approach.In his one of the interviews with a National TV, He said that he will dedicate his life in helping youth figuring out their real potential by his words and works.He has been enthralling people through his YouTube channel and by going in various areas of India.

The Journey

He was born and brought up in lower middle-class family while seeing struggle for getting even basic things. His father was a journalist and his mother was a less paid but very respected teacher in the same school where he studied, He feels himself very fortunate that he got to face ton of failures in his life. When he was pursuing his schooling, he got to see his parents writing a book of English Grammar named” Navdeep” which was really competent in that time but that book was a beautiful failure for them.

After living 10 years in Jaipur, his family migrated from Jaipur to the textile city of Rajasthan, due to financial problem his whole schooling got completed in govt. schools by being an average student who would get percentage of 70 to 75 which was not fit in the parameters of that competitive aura but he would get fascinated from some of the teachers who used to motivate and talk about some inspirational personalities , They were few but were so much inspiring for him.

Due to Financial problem and an invisible but strong pressure to do something in life, he started working in factory as a labour to take the first step to improve the financial condition of family. He was in a tremendous pressure to prove that poor can also do something. In factory, He learnt the tendency of doing hard work and the importance of knowing the practical meaning of punctuality, time management, anger management, discipline that all couldn’t help him that time but helped him so much to make him what he is today. He used to keep motivating himself to work hard in hardships of his life too. God had a different plan for him which he realized later after becoming motivational speaker. One small incident of Abhilash’s life which is so inspiring is this that once when he was in overtime of 48 hours, it was biting cold and clock was showing 2 am in dark night of January, He was told to sleep but he didn’t get any cloth to cover his body so he covered his body from two plastic sacks and anyhow managed to sleep. Abhilash believes, whatever the work you do, do it in such a way that god would also start noticing you as you would be in numbers not in percentage.

After working for 4 years in factory, One fine day he was in over time of 72 hours and he had forgotten his entity as an individual completely but suddenly his boss asked him to do something and his tired body suddenly pronounced “ He is suffering from fever” and his boss said ,You are educated enough as he was also continuing his graduation and was on the edge to complete his graduation. He thought to not only learn but master English to improve his personality while working in factory. He never knew that he may become a Public Speaking Trainer but his teacher Mr. Vijay Kumawat motivated him and god graced him with an opportunity to become an Public Speaking Trainer in 2010.

In 2013 after defeating the fear of failure of his parents’ book of 1996 he wrote an English book Named Just Speak “Speak global, be global, later on which crowned him with Global Award-2015 that gave him strength and confidence to work more for achieving success.Later on, he authored a book Will Development to make people aware about importance of Will over Skills. From year 2014 to 2018 he made several national and world records in many categories. He got more motivation after getting doctorate degree from U.K. on making his first national record of teaching English for 27 hours, from 5th of September 8 a.m. to 6th of September 12 p.m. Later he wrote one more book “Will Development” by covering all basic aspects of life and need of a student. With the help of my dedicated volunteers’ team, He also initiated the first suicide campaign of World for stopping the suicides. For making continuous 5 national and 4 world record, He has been honored by " Youth Excellence Award” by Devika Malik (Receiver of Britain’s Queen Award). He has guided to thousands of individuals including CA, CS, MBA, Doctors, Ph. D. holders, Govt. Officials, Retd. DEOs, Politicians, Engineers, IIT students , IIM students, Lawyers, Fashion Designers, Bankers & all age apprentices. He co-founded TILS which is one of the most admired institute as per Google.He has touched approx 200000 individulas personally in order to help them achieving their dream. He won URF “Hall of Fame Award” in 2019.International School Award-Dubai honoured him for his contribution towards the educational community.


  • In year 2014, on occasion of Teachers’ day (5th Sept.) created national record in Longest Teaching Marathon- English by teaching 27 hours continuously and entered in India book of Records.
  • In year 2015 March, Got Honorary Doctorate Degree (Ph.D.) from World Record University, London (U.K.) on making a World Record by Teaching 27 Hours continuously.
  • Got name published with Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi on IBR’s editorial’s page.
  • In year 2015, on occasion of Teachers’ day (5th Sept.) created national and world record in Longest Non-Stop cleaning Marathon by cleaning 28 hours continuously and entered in Limca book of Records & India book of Records.
  • In same year created India’s Largest Broom and to support Cleaning Campaign and entered Limca Book of records and India book of records.
  • Got GLOBAL AWARD-2015 to write a book of Spoken English and entitled as “YOUNGEST ENGLISH WRITER OF INDIA”
  • In year 2016 created 29 ft. World’s largest pen on Occasion of Teachers’ day (5th Sept.) and broke Guinness world record & entered in Asia book of Records.
  • In same year on occasion of Teachers’ day (5th Sept.) initiated first suicide campaign of world and entered in India book of records and unique book of records.
  • Won Youth Excellence award-2016 & Leader of tomorrow title by Suresh Gyan Vihar University & Youth Federation in Jaipur.
  • He has Created World’s Largest Memento to dedicate it to all 3 defence forces on 5th sept 2017 at Bhilwara in Rajasthan, India and entered in Limca Book of World Record.
  • In same year on occasion of Teachers’ day (5th Sept.) initiated first homicide campaign of India.
  • He has been felicitated by India Book of Records in a Gala Ceremony named Indian Record holders at World Stage in Delhi, India by Health Minister of Delhi.
  • He has received Appreciation Letter and honour by Institute of Chartered Accountant of India for Motivating Students of this profession.
  • Had been featured as CITY PRIDE by Rajsthan Patrika News paper.
  • Had been featured as SHAKHSIYAT by a newspaper Jagruk Janta.
  • He has been awarded as one of the best faculties at ICAI.
  • He has delivered motivational speeches to Govt. teachers (Third grade & Second grade)
  • His Idea of Innovation in Education got selected in Top-20 at Digifest ( Eduhack) in Bikaner.
  • He has been a JOSH TALKS (listed start-up by forbes) speaker.
  • He has won URF annual award “Hall of Fame” 2018 by Universal Record Forum in 2019.
  • He has created Guinness World Record in Word Power.
  • International School Award-Dubai honoured him for his contribution towards the educational community.