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SEEKH is an Indian philanthropic initiative which was founded in 2018 by many philanthropists. It works in field of medication, free but effective education, organising career counselling workshops, holding motivational seminars, making public speakers for global platform, awareness through yoga, street plays, Felicitation in all fields, removing social gaffes, some modern world related problems, awareness in all walks of life, organising with many other NGOs. It is affiliated with The Institute of Languages & Skills (TILS), SEEKH stands for Social empowerment through Education, Knowledge and heroism. SEEKH was formerly and informally known as Dr. Modi’s motivational dhaba and had been doing many works in the field of education, philanthropy, heroism, humanity, motivation, reward and award appreciation, creating many national and world record. It also works with other philanthropies and NGOs on collaborative initiatives.

  • Eradicating the biggest evil of today (Suicide)
  • Social enablement through awareness & motivation
  • Providing access to quality education through its partner TILS
  • Organising free professional seminars (Interview, Group-discussion, PD, PI)
  • Organising many health awareness seminars
  • Creating public speakers for global platform with the collaboration of global platform
  • Felicitation in all fields (Education, Human Endeavour, Social Service etc.)

  • In a decade, we have an elite mission to spread ourselves not only in district and state but nation.
  • To enable people to take responsibility for the contemptuous conditions.
  • Motivate to seek resolution through individual and collective action thereby enabling youth to realise their full potential.
  • To make people discover their potential for action and change.
  • To enable peoples’ collective endeavours.
  • To remove social gaffes & modern world related problems from society.
  • To inculcate solitary in youngsters and rooting-up loneliness.