“WHAT” will live after your death?

A great saying I could ever think……
“Unless you are alive, live your whole life in such a manner that your death will become unable to discontinue your success”
It is an unasked, unspoken and untouched aspect of most of the people’s life to even think about living after death. Nothing will live after your death except “your visions, your unique ideas, your talent, your silent nature in the most violent conditions of your life, your anger and frustration free mind, your regret free heart, your joy of giving, your smiling face, your great acts, your goodness in worst circumstances, your care & your love which you showed to people when you too were struggling from the storms of your own life” Optimum people are dying each day, each hour, each minute, each second or even each micro second in an unknown regret and with unknown stress, just because they have forgotten the purpose to get birth on this earth, they have forgotten to make this beautiful world more beautiful and happy. We must keep spreading love & care till eternity, you will die but your soul will live forever. Nothing is going to be permanent except your doings for others, which will remain in their hearts till eternity. In impression of making some fool people happy temporary, do not make god angry permanently. Live the life with great hard work with a burning desire, not with endless earning desire, No one dies by doing hard work. Be a guy who doesn’t know how to quit. Do not give-up on your dream just because you are not getting success that much faster as you anticipated. Live fully, sing loudly, cry heartily, study cordially so you may take your last breath happily. If your dedication is sincere, no one in this world can stop you to get greatest heights. It’s so easy to spend till life goes-on but it is so difficult to even think to live after death but now it’s so easy, Live an impossible life & make it an example, you will go from this world but your goodness will last forever in yours and those people’s heart who love to live the life.
“Before believing in GOD, believe in GOOD”


“I refuse you to die and unlived life”
How many of you know that if you had an opportunity to live your life over again, most of the people would say “YES” to do so because at that point you would realize that you could have done more and lived more in compare of what have you done but if any great or a successful person were asked to live the same life over again then they would surely say “NO” to live it because they lived it in the best way as it was possible to live in such circumstances of life at that time. They have done greatest in the whole world in their field so even if god of death would tell them to come with him to heaven or hell, they would never demand little more time because until they lived, they lived at the fullest without any minor feeling of regret but if the same thing happens with that person who did every work as a formality, he will surely have an immense and painful regret that they never lived that life which could have been lived, they just spent life . If you just get to know that you just have 30 days to live more on this earth, just by listening it maximum people would die before their death. Just imagine if you die at the same moment means now, what will die with you, just a pathetic feeling of regret and remorse that you never lived. Never live that life which can be lived. Live that life which was refused to live by billons of fearful people. Maximum people don’t complete the things or the targets which are set by them to be completed. They always procrastinate the things and keep living in a fear to lose the things which they have because they have never learnt to create these things they have always learnt to beg or get the things directly. Never learn to beg the things, learn to earn the things. Live each and every moment with a great excitement and welcome every upcoming moment with a cheerful smile so life will be tired to make you feel upset. Until you are alive give your thousand percent in that work which you are doing, Just assume that if 100000 people are doing the same work in this world which you are doing, you have to put your heart and sweat in this and try to do the best as you can do. First do that which is possible, keep doing it…keep doing it…one day you will get something done which was impossible. Stop giving importance to sleep. Miracle happens if you have the power to create it & if miracle doesn’t happen to you, be a miracle for someone, everyday is a new day, every moment is a new moment. Never be sad by thinking about bitter experiences of past or by taking tension of upcoming challenges of future, give your everything in present. Respond your present so your future will respond you. Live and love the life at the fullest so your death will salute you.
“Never live the life with a heart full of regret over a life, half lived”


Human is searching happiness everywhere, sometimes in worthless parties, in mooching around, in making FB friends, in chatting hours to unknown person, in putting-on funky dresses, in having luxurious and fastest cars, biggest bungalow, coolest clothes, in clicking some selfies to pageant their external beauty which has given by god, in insulting some weak and poor people. But the question is this, Are they really happy from bottom of their hearts? or they are having just a make-up on their hearts which looks so good, so cool from outside but from inside heart has just been rotten fully by thinking a feel again and again that what should I do to live my life with a permanent happiness forever but they keep trying on wrong ways to find happiness. For living a happy life, you must start loving yourself so madly, just be mad in love of yours, love your qualities, your talent & it will strengthen your probability to get an impossible success. Respect all & they will respect you, do the greatest hard-work but also have a great patience on the path of achieving the success. Small successes or even every small effort towards achieving your success will make you feel good about yourself, will make you fall in love of yours and then you will get real heart pleasing happiness & your same old life will be new. To live a happy life we must understand difference between ENTERTAINMENT & HAPPINESS Entertainment is about what gives us fun in present and regretted memories in future that why can’t we have all that now. Happiness is about what gives us almost nothing or something in present but increases dignity of self in self eyes in future. Never search happiness at anywhere, it will come by doing work like hell, by being firm in most tough conditions of life. When you will start loving your job, same life will seem new to you. When you will be thankful towards god for every morning you are seeing whether at the same time so many people are taking their last breath of life, your every morning would actually be a GOOD morning.

How to stay motivated all the time ?

“Why we need motivation, for whom & for what”
Motivation, A power to push ourselves to do better on tomorrow than today. It is a prime tool in this world, which makes “superhuman” to every common human. Motivation is an unbeatable energy or enthusiasm that has made people pioneer, which is making & which will keep making. It is the only power to create great not just best. Motivation is the Biggest, Pioneer & Apex tool in this world, which is so essential in today's aura for each & every age person. Motivation is not just a 10 letters word, it is a way to live life & to conquer all the challenges come before, to never give up, dreaming big, to have an auto-pilot, to have the elitist attitude, to be confident for achieving targets & not to have just skills but to have will as well. Mohammad Ali (Champion of the Boxing) said: When my opponent used to defeat me and make me fall down. It was not my skill, which made me get up. It was my will, which used to come and say me COME ON GET UP, COME ON GET UP you can do ONE MORE TIME, ONE MORE TIME. My skills were not working enough that is why he defeated me but my WILL made me get up & win (It made me a champion) “Will is more important than the Skill”. To understand the proper and apparent mean of motivation, one example can be taken. Motivation is like a “charger” which is biggest need of any mobile or a laptop, whether it would be of 20 K or 2 Lac, it would need a charger every now & then, otherwise, it will keep belief that I am useless whereas it is not, the same thing is happening with people today. People are not motivated. In absence of it, they start feeling that they are nothing more than Garbage & we see result into de-motivation, depression, suicide etc. All the people who became great & successful, who are becoming & who will touch lofty heights they all will have only one unbeatable guaranteed success tool, it is MOTIVATION. “Let’s learn to play the game of life on that level where most of the people quit” Motivation v/s Inspiration: - Obviously Motivation is first Power which is so essential but we need to understand the difference too. Motivation is “YOU WANT TO DO BUT SOME THINGS STOP YOU TO DO” Inspiration is "YOU WANT TO STOP AND SOMETHING MOTIVATES YOU FOR NOT TO STOP & JUST TO KEEP DOING HARD WORK.
“ Firstly, do what is possible with full of your heart soon you will do which is impossible”

How to Immediately Change Your Life for The Better?

1) Do you want guaranteed success?
A big Irony of this era's people is this, that their “WHY” factor is not clear and bigger Irony is this, that they don't know about importance of knowing the reason before doing any work and the biggest irony is, so many people even don't want to know. If you do not have a clear "Reason" to do something, it simply means you will have no “Result” What is "WHY" factor:- Why factor a milestone which may lead us to right and successful path of life. Those people who act without any firm reason and those people who do not have a burning desire they just have a wish, they do work for 5 to 10 days and like a "Frog of the Rain”, they get disappeared so soon, when they find some obstacles and hindrance in doing work. So the best way to get a guaranteed success is to clear your "Why" factor If you find a true & appropriate answer of your “WHY” It simply means. NO ONE CAN STOP YOU TO ACHIEVE YOUR TARGET In this world. A great Motivator said:- “Tempt is temporary, it may last for one minutes or an hour or a day or even a year eventually. It will be died and something other will take its place” Arnold said, whenever people say to you, you cannot do this you cannot do that. Do not lose your hope. Always remember, nobody is going to be with you in your life Including your wife for the lifetime with you so whenever someone says that you can never do it, just ask from them 'WHY' can't I do it. 90% of people would surely have nothing to reply, they are just a product of negative philosophy. Let them spread negativity but you must keep on working for your goal, for your dream. Abdul Kalam said if your dreams do not scare you mean these are not big enough, If people say, you can't do this, It also refers that your dreams are big. Salute yourself and give your 1000% (one thousand per cent), one-day world will be yours, success will kiss you one day.
2)Do you want to change your life in 21 days?
It is a practical philosophy of a great motivator and one of the most successful writers of world in the field of Motivation.
It is about - An activity (Bad or Good) which shall be followed by us for 21 days on a regular basis will become our habit. If this activity is good it will be a Habit and if this is bad, then it will become an Addiction. So here is a superb way to reform your life and so let you live the best life ever, Take 5 minutes out from your daily schedule & fill this: -
1) Today I am feeling _______________________ (good/bad)
2) Today I have learnt ______________________?
3) I am proud of ___________________________?
4) I commit to improve ____________________?
Follow and fill above four lines daily for 21 days & from 22th day, your world will be changed or at least the way you think.

How to improve employability skills ?

“I refuse you to die and unlived life”
Employability is an ability, which teaches us how to acquire a job, how to stay in job with a happy heart, not reluctantly & how to become the preeminent employee or employer of organization. The irony is this, that people do not have employability to employ and they keep cursing employees and employers or sometimes market conditions. “We don’t have BUSI NESS problems , we have PEOPLE problems” For having a good employability, we need to focus on our work with full dedication and getting ready to face all the challenges come before. Presently There is almost no competition in market or any field for workaholic people. You all would be amazed that it is erroneous statement but it is true. Bitter truth but truth about current employment scenario is this that people want to get more from the company or organization than they are giving to organization. Some points to follow to have a great employability:-
1) Never think that you do have to work (Reluctantly), love your job and you will never get tired from it.
2) Employees and employers are the elitist pillars of any organization they both must have a personality of immense co-operation towards each other.
3) Give your 100% or more in that company where you are working, consider it that it is your company; you will be amazed at the results.
“Be the person who is ready to give more to organization than he gets, you will have no competition. You will become competition for self”

How to manage your Anger?

“Anger is nothing more than a Ghost that controls a human and makes human do work accordingly and during it human has no control on whatever he/she does”
People keep saying I want to control my anger but suddenly what happens, I really do not know anger comes. Anger doesn’t come like a natural call…IT’S JUST A MYTH TO ESCAPE SELF.. It is a garbage truck, which unloads its garbage at that place where it finds SPACE TO DUMP. Anger is nothing more than an act of stupidity, done in a state of uncontrollable mind and ends with regression. The only solution to avoid anger or to manage it is this that, Give a “GAP” to your mind before following a verbal battle or a bash with someone. Anger is a symbol of those negative minds, which are full of frustration, negativity& complaints for life & god. They are neither happy nor they want to let anyone live happy. Never let the mountain of anger destroy your life. Just to win a verbal battle for 5 minutes, do not lose a person for lifetime.
“HAVE POSITIVE AGGRESSION for stopping the crimes, NOT ANGER to regret”

Tips to manage time

“Time cannot be MANAGED, it can just be INVESTED, we have to manage ourselves as per time so this management must be known as “SELF MANAGEMENT”
Biggest problem of people is a habit or an addiction of “PROCRASTINATION” they keep leaving the things undone on tomorrow just due to stupid “laziness” This “Tomorrow” has destroyed so many people, so many lives, so many dreams. When a person thinks that, I will do this work or that work and just due to a petty problem “LAZINESS” he/she fails to do it on the same time ,he starts walking on the path of failure, later it becomes habit and after some time it becomes behaviour and eventually result comes into a great failure which could have been a great success as well. Make a “TO DO LIST” daily and do your work accordingly, you will get cherished results surely and in any case if you’d not get positive results, at least you will not have regression that I could have done it but due to my laziness I could not do it. Time management requires a burning desire towards achieving your goal. Quit Sleeping, Quit Eating. Quit Partying but never quit the dream.
“Be one of the rare who does not know how to quit”

How to prepare for interview for freshers?

“I refuse you to die and unlived life”
You have to wear Professional dresses, Formal Shoes. Neck tie and Belt (It is so important to make you feel professional) Most Preferable outfit can be -
1. White Shirt (Light Color)
2. Black pent/Trousers (Dark Color)
3. Polished shoes
Note: - On every now and then, keep wearing those type of dresses which you are going to wear in Interview, It will help you to feel comfortable. Example: you have a habit to wear only Jeans. Before interview, try to wear 5 to 7 time Pants or trousers, once you'll start feeling comfortable it'll be a reason of your best in Interview. Always keep in your mind that you will never get a second chance to make a first impression. Always have "patience" for the result or reply of concern person, don’t bother to H.R. or Recruiter by making a call again & again. Get your haircut and shave off beard, do not make it gummy. For girls do not use heavy scents or make-up. If you are coming to consult with placement manager about job then RESUME or CURRICULUM-VITAE must be with you in a folder or file. Carry additional resumes for distribution to department head and others you may meet who have not seen your resume. Good smile is a symbol of 'Confidence'. You can never present yourself as a Confident person until you have practiced for it (Confidence doesn't come quickly, it is a beautiful building which takes time to be built but once it is built, it will mesmerize people magically. Do not interrupt the interviewer when he/she is talking. Always give a brief introduction and the introduction must show relation with this job. Avoid sounding as though you assume the job is yours. Always do logical discussion, not illogical arguments.
(1) Begin with Smile.
(2) Logical discussion, not arguments.
(3) Expression and language should be positive
(4) Keep hands by the side
(5) Make eye contact individually.
(1) Too serious while speaking
(2) Distractive gestures of hand
(3) Looking down or up
(4) Hands in pocket
(5) Playing with key, chain etc.
(6) Lack of confidence in speech
(7) Drinking water
(8) Hitching while speaking due to lack of communication or lot of hesitation.

Personality Development Tips

““Personality development is not about having a good looking or dashing or gorgeous appearance, it is about having nil in appearance but having a great communication, chaste heart, helping nature, appreciation, motivation and the most important positive thinking in the most negative conditions of life”
A great personality believes in these motivational lines written below:-
1) “A negative mind can never give you a positive life” so they never think negative.
2) If you can become great by your works then why to become just best by looks.
3) My life must be an example not my materialistic having.
Hello Friends. In these days if you have talent, knowledge, money but don't have Good Personality then it will not generate good and better things for your future as well and present too. Personality development typically means improving and grooming, Like outer (appearance, body Language) and inner (self-emotion, thinking ability, self-confidence, ability to learn, attitude to bring out a positive change in your life). Every individual has his/her own different persona that can be developed, polished and refined. This process Can boost one's confidence, improving communication and speaking abilities, broadening one's scope of knowledge, developing certain hobbies or skills, learning fine etiquette and manners, adding style and grace to the way one looks, talks and walks and overall imbuing oneself with positivity, liveliness and peace. The whole period of this development takes place after a big passage of time.
It takes time to build “THE TAJMAHAL” whereas it takes so less time to build a simple home. If we people are talking about personality development so we have to know our perception towards personality, development and what are the benefits to develop it. Most of the people determine and Judge “Personality” by looking. for example: - if any of the person is good by looking. Then we speak “WOW” what a personality! He/she is having, but if any person is not having good looks or not good in looking so people consider that person's personality is not so good so initially, we have to change our wrong mentality towards personality. Personality development means a thing in which developing is possible means present-ability. All Body parts like our face, Nose, Lips, cannot be changed change as per us or as per our wishes so why are we people thinking that looking can only be personality and determining personality by only looking. It has only 10% part in personality because our looks are temporary not permanent but a personality can never be temporary. After all personality development is nothing but a tool that helps, you realize your capabilities and your strengths making you a stronger, happier and more cheerful person. Personality development’s 90% is contained of good communication skills, etiquette, Manners, good body Language, good Character; anger Control, to adjust in every circumstances of life, time management, self Confidence etc.
“Analyze it and keep enjoying with your personality”

You Are What You Do: Ways to Improve Your Body Language (Non-Verbal Communication)

“"Action Speak louder than words" is true in this case. Body Language goes in both ways. Body Language can help you to read others feelings and others can read you and your feeling that is why it goes in both ways”

Body Language includes: -
  • Eye Contact
  • By maintaining eye contact, you can win other's faith in you. You can present yourself in a marvelous manner, all may easily believe in you. You can promote yourself and if you do not maintain eye contact, people think that you have lack of confidence and you are not telling truth.
    Some Examples:-Motivational Speaker, Leader, News Reporter, all have to maintain eye - contact or they will look odd and won’t be able to be on that position where they are.

  • Good and Real Body Postures
  • Postures and Gestures must be real, not stiff and clumsy. At sitting time, your back and neck should be straight but not too stiff. Otherwise it will not look real, At walking time, distance between both the feet should be 6" to 10" and as per your height, On a stage if you are giving any presentation or speech gaping between the feet should be as per your height.
    For Example - If your height is six feats then gap will be 6" and five feats 5". About hands it must not be in pocket and playing with key chain etc. Both hand's palms must be connected with each other completely but not stiff again.
    Note: - Keep observing great speaker & orators, They don’t copy others .They make their own way and people follow it(BE A TREND SETTER NOT A TREND FOLLOWER)

  • Various hand Shakes
  • Hand Shakes are of different types like firm. Dead – Fish handshake, Aggressive handshake, Firm handshake, Give me punch, Favorable handshake.

Effective Communication Skills for Workplace Success

“Speak in such a manner that people will love to listen you and Listen in such a manner that people will love to speak to you”
As we all know communication is of two ways, not just one way. First way is about listening and Second way is about speaking. A person, who can speak well, never fixes that he is good in communication. We need to understand the concept of communication. God blessed us with two ears and one mouth because god also wanted same to happen that human must listen another person properly and then speak. Speak half then you listen, you will become a great orator and communicator.
Simple Process of “Effective Communication Skills”
Listening:- In this, a person listens and listened thing reaches in mind of listener.
Understanding:-In this, a person understands sentence & try to translate it in his/her mother tongue for better understanding.
Making:-In this a person makes reply in mind by combining all required things.
Speaking:-In this a person speaks the most suitable answer or reply.
“If your mind is not SILENT then you can never LISTEN”

How to Make a Resume/ Curriculum-Vitae for a Job ?

“What is difference between RESUME & CURRICULUM-VITAE? ”
Resume, a letter, which contains your Career Objective, Virtues, Credentials, Professional Qualification, Academic Qualification and Personal Dossier in an appropriate sequence. Curriculum Vitae, a letter, which contains your Career Objective, Virtues, Credentials, Professional Qualification, Academic Qualification and Personal Dossier in an appropriate sequence with working Experience.
In present scenario Resume/Curriculum-Vitae is asked before walking-in- interviews so that your virtues would be acknowledged. An excellent Resume or Curriculum-Vitae shall be prepared by adhering below points:-
1) Use A4 size paper.
2) Use a folder or file to show it professionally during interview.
3) Do not fold Resume.
4) Font size shall be 16 for major points and 14 for sub-points or details.
5) Do not use more than 2 fonts in Resume.
6) Do not make much designs or symbols in Resume.
7) After drafting it, Re-read it to avoid omissions.

What is Importance of Time?

“Essay, Blog, Speech, Article, Paragraph”
Time is the most Essential thing to fuss-over & diversity of mind is mainly crucial to think upon. A great saying I am remembering, “Time & Tide never wait for anyone” It simply means if you are waiting for good time or some good trances to live, it is just an act of stupidity. You can make the day a rainy day or a gala day or a red-letter day, choice is yours. Time is like rain all gets it equally. Like rain never does partiality among swarthy or fair complexion, rich or poor, dashing or average looking. Same like that time is equal for all. Some people keep wasting it & some people keep investing it. Wasting of time may lead us on path of endless failure on which eventually you will find yourself a quitter or looser. Investing time may snatch some worthless enjoyable moments but it will fill your heart with joy & energy & an enthusiasm to do something great, A bitter truth pertain time management is this, that no one may manage time whether it is MONEY OF BILL GATES, BRAIN OF ALBERT EINSTEIN, LOVE OF MOTHER. BEAUTY OF AISHWARYA RAI. We have to manage ourselves by managing our prior tasks as a list & make A, B, C, D list & do works accordingly.
“Time and Tide wait for none”

What is Friendship?

“What is a friend? In today’s technical era few of us would know the real meaning of this word.”
Now-a-days people usually regard/ bethink (consider) it to contacts, is it a real definition of a friend? No, Never. Friendship means a relationship not just a contact. A relation of love, care & help. We make contacts for our selfishness, to make our work done, love & care is not at all an essential/indispensable feature of a contact but a relation, a relative is inconsequential/miserable (useless) without all these. There is powerful influence of friends and real friendship in our lives. Well, then too different people have different definitions of friend. For some, friends are the world, for some just a way to make their work get done. Those who have friends, they think all would have. Ask to your heart which kind of relationship you are maintaining/ preserving. Is there your meaning existing? If yes then it is not a friendship dear, it is just a self-centred, greedy contact. If you call it a friendship then please do not abuse/affront/offend the pure & innocent feeling, relation called friendship. A best friend, a soul mate, a permanent eternal smile of our face, the one who comes first in our mind when we are upset, when we need someone to understand us, To listen us, to make us feel alright, whose happiness depends on ours. All of us would be having a best friend, if any of us is not having then, please if you don’t find one, be one, you will surely get one, the one to whom you see in mirror daily, yes, you are the best friend of yours.
“You will find so many persons who will make you fall in love with them but the one who makes you fall in love with yourself is the real one. Never leave him/her, never let him/her go”

When can be the happiest day in your life?

“Let's focus on gaining permanent happiness instead of getting temporary fun”
• When you achieve something.
• When you get any appreciation.
• When you get your first salary.
• When you make anybody smile.
• When you make your parents feel proud.
• When you get Job.
• When you get something you never expected.
• When you meet someone after a long time who almost had forgotten you .
• Your any journey.
• Any compliment what may make you feel on the top.
• When your parents pat your back for your achievement.
• One most amazing feeling for the lifetime which you never thought that you would be able to feel or you would be able to get that you feel yourself the most fortunate person of the world and it makes you feel on the top of the world.
• Another happiest day of your life can be that day when your purpose of living life will be completed.
• When you will be able to give happiness to world forever even after your going.
• When you will have no fear of losing anything.
• When a satisfaction will come to in your heart that you are this much able that you may keep doing hard work without any frustration.
“Happiness is one of the best feelings of life, It must not be misunderstood”

How to Improve English Speaking and Writing Skills ?

“English is not a subject, It is a Language”
One of my friend said & taught me practically the value of “Why”
Books teach us “What to study”
Teachers teach us “How to study”
However, No one teaches us why to study.
When we get to know about WHY factors. It gets so late. English is way of communication to express view with one another. It is a medium to put our notion in front of those people who come across us in our life. English is just not a language it’s a way to remove our fear, if a man who is great at speaking English will surely has less hesitation, less fear, less shivering rather than those who don’t even know what communication is all about? God has gifted tongue to all, some use it to tell ills about people & in abusing someone. and some use it in telling well to people, to appreciate them, to motivate them & to let them emerge their hidden talent. Learning English requires a good & true hard work of 6 months, practice all the time of speaking & pronouncing clearly. Have a winner attitude & a cordial endeavour to communicate.
“Be in English and You would find English in You”

What is the real meaning of Success in life?

“Success differs from person to person. First of all Let's try to know, what is the need of success. Is it to get happiness, to get identification?”
For a 2 years old boy getting the pioneer toy, which is favourite, is success. For a 10 years old boy getting a “very good” note in his notebook is success. For a 18 years old boy having a dominant position and respect in his friend circle and being an attractive person, is success. For a 25 years old boy getting a good job as per his ability, is success. For a 35 years old man keeping his family, wife and children happy, is success. For a 50 years old gentle man, having a fit body is success. For a 80 years old man dying with peace is success. Now, what to do to get success. - Think positive. - Remove…..No, Never, May be, & Adopt……yes, sure, off course, why not.
“Keep patience ……Never give up…… Keep trying ………”

How to Remove Fear of Public Speaking?

“The best way to get rid of fear is to face it”
First, you have to know the exact type of fear you are having which kinds of fear is this actually. Is it like, what if I will speak wrong, or it is like everyone is better than me, or if somebody laughs at me, what if anybody think how duffer am I? Remember, if you have fear of public speaking, you are not alone it happens almost with everyone whether it’s you or it’s teacher, it would have happened once with him/her too if he had quit or given up over that time he would never have become that splendid, Spectacular, fluent speaker. Always believe the next is you. Your fear is not that you do not know what to speak it is that what will happen when you will step on podium So, remember people are here to listen you. They have fear if you will speak better than them, so show them that you are going to let them be in the same fear or even more. You are the best, you are one of a kind. nobody is here who is better than you, be confident be energetic, be like no one may deny to listen you. Speak in such a manner that people will love to listen and Listen in such manner that people will love to speak to you. If you have this fear that, people will make fun of you. Remember those who laugh at others don’t have a single good thing to talk about themselves, do not over think their reactions simply, IGNORE THEM. Always remember you know more than you think you know. Always try to speak in a preferable way of the listener to impute/comprehend the correct meaning. Speak what you would like to listen from another person. At time, you will find yourself on vibrating mode then don’t keep speaking a half made ringtone. Relax, take a deep breath & close your eyes for a while & say to yourself. YES, YOU CAN DO IT & YOU WILL DO IT. And then.....let’s begin.... Remember and Always keep in mind either you are the best so no one may beat you or you are the worst. So you are leaning the most.
“Laugh at your mistakes, A great man said WISE LAUGHS AT HIS MISTAKE AND FOOL LAUGHS ON OTHERS. ”

Indian superstitions and the theories behind them: Not to be missed

“Believing blindly on an illogical thing is called superstition”
Our India; we may give the no. one position to our India in case of superstition. Some examples: - No. 13 is so unlucky don’t initiate any good work on this date, there would be some spirits in that banyan tree, don’t go there with open hairs. It will trouble you. I am not saying this, that those who believe all this all fools or lunatic, some supernatural power surely exists. I also believe but it should be believed up to a certain intent, which should not cause harm. Harmful Impact: - Sometimes in villages mostly under black magic. Some people kill animals for the sake of making god happy. I don’t get who the hell tells these all this rubbish/bullshit. It completely annihilates animal’s lives and their breed. Silly Believes: - Don’t sneeze at the time of departure otherwise something bad will happen. A person who is punctual on his work may miss his train or flight for just this silly belief. In India, these are deeply rooted and need to be eradicated from the world because for a practical person it hardly leaves a space in his hectic schedule.
“Non belief should be too strong to bother human's living and relationships”

How to deal with Peer Pressure?

“It simply means an IMPOSED WORK”
Peer pressure, in our language we may give it the name of our neighbours pressure. It means IMPOSED WORK. In this, parents do not listen to their children what they want to do but impose on their children to do what their relatives tell them to make you do. It is a grave problem in Indian society. The condition of India is tremendously pathetic in this aspect. BAD ASPECTS :- - Influence the decision making power of children. - Mental disturbance, impact on health. - May torture teens at times and they may take wrong steps like leaving the house, commit suicide et cetera. - Destroys children’s actual ability & potential. - May destroy lives and future. How to deal with Peer pressure:- - Pay attention to your own feelings and believes about what is right and wrong and try to convince the parents for the same. - Be self-confident, and believe in your self-esteem, stand firm, resist doing something when you know better.
“Life should be lived the way one wants to live, not the way world wants one to live”

Some thoughts which may motivate you to live a better and happier life

“Live the life like the SUN, it comes daily on time, whether it is winter, summer or rainy season.”
“Start being punctual and donor like the Sun and the Moon, they never wait for people to notice, they just do their work”
“No one feels unhappy when they are not able to achieve what they want to achieve, Most of the people feel unhappy when they realize they could have achieved it by doing little more hard work”
“Live the life like a watch, which doesn't feel bad when people don't see it and it doesn't feel too good when people admire its cost, it keeps ticking”
“Keep spreading love & care till eternity, you will die but your soul will live forever”
“Best thing in life is to trust, not to only love. You may love so many but you may not trust to all of them”
“Always remember that there is no substitute of hard work”
“Love the journey from failure to success not that stardom after getting success If you do so, you are not going to get a permanent success”
“Live fully, Sing loudly, Cry heartily, Study cordially so you may take your last breath happily”
“If you are doing hard work then most herculean thing also becomes easier and if you are becoming lethargic then even easiest work is also difficult”
“The only thing that can make you champion is, the way you choose to deal with life and how strongly you do that”
“If your dedication is sincere, no one in this world can stop you to get greatest height”
“People keep pulling legs of people just to humiliate them, they must push them towards their goal”
“God said, LOVE others not because it was important, He made it because when we love someone we start loving ourselves too & we realize whether I don’t have need of me but there is a person in this world that needs me”
“History can’t be made without being mad for target”
“The favourite line of my life:- First do that which is possible, keep doing it for 10 years without any rest .keep doing it…keep doing it...One day you will get something done which was impossible.”
“Nothing is going to be permanent except your doings for others, which will remain in their hearts till eternity”
“Those who have done nothing in their life will just have memories of spending the life, those who have done something will always have memories of achievements”
“Some are beggars of happiness and some are donors”
“Cats, Dogs & even Lions don’t have target to live life, they just spend life. No matters how much talented they are, they can’t be CA, CS, Engineer, Doctor, IAS officer etc. Only Human can become, So have the strongest belief in yourself””
“There are so many people who are ready to spoil their minds for 100000 seconds by a comment of 10 seconds”
“Everyone who is FREE, is FRUSTRATED”
“Be a LION of happiness, not the dog who shakes its tail to beg happiness”
“You can’t postpone your death but by doing hard work, you may prepone your success & the feeling of getting it will extend the life of your life”
“Stop giving importance to sleep”
“Die from death, not from regret”
“Be the biggest fan of self”
“Stop attracting people by your looking & having, start inspiring them by your life”
“What will live after your death… your goodness, your talent, your unique ideas, your care and love which you showed for others when you too were struggling from big storms of your own life”
“Never let any negative thought drive your life on the dark road”